Webcam Lock

Protect your Webcam Privacy.

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Very easy to use

Simple and intuitive user inteface.

Complete protection

No one will be able to acces your webcam without your permision.

Designed To Excel

Continuos monitoring

When an application tries to use the webcam, a pop-up will ask for your authorization. Once the Webcam is in use you will be warned through an icon on your screen complementing the LED light that some Webcams and LapTops incorporate.

Parental Control

With Webcam Lock you can protect your family when using a webcam. You can set up a password that will be requested to control access to the WebCam. Every time an webcam hacker tries to connect to your camera, Webcam Lock detects it and prompts you to block.

Complete compatibility

Webcam Lock is compatible and works seamlessly with all voice-over-IP service and software applications like Google Hangouts or Skype.

All versions are compatible with Windows 8, Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7.




  • Personal use
  • Up to 3 PCs
  • Standard Support



  • Family use
  • Up to 10 PCs
  • Standard Support



  • Professional use
  • Up to 50 PCs
  • Premium support

The program

Some Benefits

You'll continuously know what programs are trying to access the webcam and will be able to easily allow or deny that behavior.

Installing WebCam Lock in your computer you can block or allow the access to the webcam for each program. Disallow Skype, or any other program, to use the webcam without your approval. .

Set a password on the webcam, your children won't access the webcam without your permission.

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